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Breast Reconstruction After Cancer Surgery

Breast reconstruction recreates the breast in women who have had their breasts changed or removed by breast cancer surgery or radiation therapy. The goal is to rebuild a natural looking breast that matches the natural breast in size and shape. Breast reconstruction can be performed at the time of mastectomy or as a delayed procedure. Delayed breast reconstruction can be performed anytime from several weeks to years following mastectomy. Breast reconstruction is typically a series of operations performed to maximize the aesthetic outcome and symmetry of the breasts. It is important to realize that breast reconstruction includes operations performed on the non-cancer breast such as breast lift, augmentation, and reduction to create symmetry with the reconstructed breast. These procedures are all covered by insurance.

The three most common methods for breast reconstruction are expander - implant reconstruction, latissimus flap reconstruction and TRAM flap reconstruction. Dr. Kreul will explain these procedures to you in detail at the time of your consultation. Breast reconstruction typically requires at least a one night stay in the hospital. Recovery time varies by procedure.

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